Founder and Principal Lawyer

Mr. Bashir is an international lawyer licensed in Ontario, Canada as well as in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is called to the bar as a member of the Law society of Ontario (LSO) and is a member of Islamabad Bar Council (IBC) in good standing. He holds Bar-at-law degree in addition to a BA / LLB (Hons) degree.
Mr. Bashir has the privilege of previously working in various prestigious organizations. He started his career with an internship at a top-tier law firm of the region; RIAA Barker Gillette (Pakistan) and subsequently joined The Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights (Human Rights Wing), Pakistan as an Intern, before moving to Canada to acquire further education.
Mr. Bashir’s initial training experience ranged from corporate and commercial law practice to Public International law and Human Rights law. The opportunity had him personally engage in projects far beyond his professional experience, such as that of facilitating and assisting the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Law, Pakistan in formulating and data consolidation of the periodic review for Human Rights Committee of UN for the ratified conventions by Pakistan.
After completing his law degree, Mr. Bashir moved to Canada. He was introduced to Canadian Immigration law when he joined an immigration consultancy firm as an Immigration Case Analyst. He continued with the firm before he joined Jafari Law for his articles of clerkship. He has worked in the field of Immigration and Refugee law for over five years now. The extensive exposure and experience acquired through training in Canadian law firms reflects in the quality of his work. He has worked on many complex and strenuous cases in his career making him the right choice for client’s legal needs.

Aamar Bashir

Barrister & Solicitor

BA-LLB, FLSC (JD.EQ), B.L. (Canada)

Our Team


Adv. Akmal Saeed Durrani

Senior Lawyer with expertise in Civil Litigation

Adv. Waseem Akram

Senior Lawyer with expertise in Corporate Law

M Arslan Ahmed

Immigration Analyst/Manager Business Development

Adv. Maryam Shafqat

Associate Lawyer